The organizing committee provides the opportunity to present abstracts with a variety of different topics to expand knowledge within the field of Pediatrics.

Abstracts which were uploaded and accepted for the 2020 congress, do not have to be submitted again. 
In case the abstracts were modified or changed, please send an e-mail to congress.bvksbp@act-wise.be

Deadline for submitting new abstracts is 18 January 2021.
Acceptance letters will follow on 5 February 2021. 

Abstract rules:

1. Authors presenting abstracts must be registered participants for the congress.
2. The submitter accepts responsibility for the accuracy and scientific content of the submitted abstract.
3. The submitter accepts to be the contact person for all correspondence about the abstract and to inform co-authors      about its status.

Abstract format:
1. Abstracts can only be submitted in English.

2. Abstract title: maximum length of 150 characters (including spaces).

3. Abstracts should be structured in the following sections :

   - Background/Aims

   - Methods

   - Results

   - Conclusion

4. Abstract body: Maximum length of 2500 characters (including spaces).

5. Authors list: state for all authors: name, institution, department, city and country. Please omit titles and degrees. An email address and telephone number of the first author is required.

6. Abbreviations may be used if standard or if spelled out and defined at the first use.

7. Abstracts may not include tables, graphics and pictures.

8. No references are allowed.

9. Incomplete applications will not be considered nor accepted by the committee.


Topic 1: General pediatrics

Topic 2: Neonatology – pediatric intensive/emergency care

Topic 3: Infectiology – pneumology - immunology

Topic 4: Gastroenterology – nutrition

Topic 5: Oncology – hematology

Topic 6: Neurology – genetics - neuroorthopedics

Topic 7: Cardiology

Topic 8: Nephrology

Topic 9: Endocrinology

Topic 10: Other