Thursday 19 March 2020

Pierre Smeesters, BVK/SBP 2020 Congress President, on behalf of the organising and scientific Committee, ULB-HUDERF

CME: ethics & economy
Chairs: Françoise Vermeulen and TBC

  P1. Epilepsy in children in the 21st century
Alec Aeby, ULB - HUDERF
P2. Risk perception in the area of Social Media?
Wolfgang Gaissnaier, Konstanz University, Germany
P3. To test or not to test: choosing wisely in your clinical practice
Ketil Størdal, Norwegian institute of public health


  A. What's new in Neurology and Radiology
Chairs and program: TBC in collaboration with the subspecialities


'Therapeutical (r)evolution in spinal muscular atrophy?

Liesbeth De Waele, University Hospitals Leuven
New anti-epileptics: fenfluramine and cannabidiol

An-Sofie Schoonjans, UZ Antwerpen

  B. What's new in Immunology, Allergology, Infectiology and Rheumatology
Chair : Laurence Goffin, Dimitri Van der Linden

Utricaria, more than allergy
Vito Sabato UZ Antwerpen (20'),
Urticaria mimickers, with focus on auto inflammatory diseases
Benson Ogunjimi UZ Antwerpen (20')

Drug-induced fever/rash : clinical case
Hélène Legrand (UCLouvain) (10'),
Drug-induced fever/Rash : state of art
Julie Willekens (UZGent) (20')
questions (10')

  C. What's new in Endocrinology, Diabetology and Neonatology
Chairs and program: TBC in collaboration with the subspecialities

  How to diagnose and manage growth failure in infants born small for gestational age
Jean De Schepper, UZ Brussel-VUB
How to diagnose and manage neonatal/infant hypocalcemia?
Erika Boros, ULB - HUDERF
What every paediatrician should know about breastfeeding
An Eerdekens UZ Leuven

  D. What's new in Cardiology and Pneumology
Chairs and program: TBC in collaboration with the subspecialities


13:30 - 14:00 POSTER WALK

  Poster walk 1: Neonatal Care


PW1. Accuracy of renal function estimating equations compared to iohexol clearance in critically ill children

E. Dhont, A. De Jaeger, J. Vande Walle, P. De Cock, P. De Paepe, C. Windels, S. Croubels, S. De Baere, J. Willems , T. Van Der Heggen (UZ Gent)

PW2. Pitfalls of pleural drainage in extremely preterm neonates

F. Piersigilli, C. Hocq, B. Van Grambezen, K. Carkeek, O. Danhaive (UCL-Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc)

PW3. Homozygous nonsense mutation in RC3H1, which encodes Roquin-1, causes a novel immune dysregulation syndrome characterized by severe hyperinflammation

P. Verloo, S. J. Tavernier, V. Athanasopoulos, G. Behrens, D. Bogaert, M. De Bruyne, E. Parthoens, J. Ellyard, H. Van Gorp, J. Staal, G. Van Isterdael, M. Lamkanfi, P. Schelstraete, R. Van Coster, B. Menten, B. N. Lambrecht, C. Vinuesa, V. Heissmeyer, R. Beyaert, M. Dullaers, F. Haerynck (UZGent, VIB and many others)

PW4. Diagnosis of vitamin B12 deficiency through newborn screening

A. Empain, L. Marcélis, C. De Laet (ULB-Huderf)

PW5. Novel DGAT1 gene mutation in infant with protein-losing enteropathy (PLE)

L. Bijker, S. Uyttebroeck, K. Keymolen, B. Hauser (UZ Brussel)


Poster walk 2: Infectious Diseases


PW6. Respiratory morbidity in children with Spinal Muscular Atrophy: a single-center retrospective cohort study

T. Smeets, M. Boon (UZ Leuven)

PW7. Cluster of invasive meningococcal disease caused by a meningococcus serogroup B in a nursery school in Wallonia, Belgium in 2018

S.Jacquinet, W. Mattheus, S. Quoilin, C. Wyndham-Thomas, M. Leroy, C. Martin, D. Van der Linden, A. Mulder, J. Frère, C. Schirvel (Sciensano, ULB-CHU Saint-Pierre, UCL-Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc, CHC – Liège, CHU Liège, Agence pour une vie de qualité, infection prevention and control)

PW8. Cross-transmissions of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in a pediatric cohort with cystic fibrosis

J-C Beghin (ULB-Huderf)
PW9. Benefit of genetic sequencing in the treatment of a tuberculosis disease case
E. Surgun, O. Stevart, V. Mathys, F. Ziereisen, F. Mouchet (ULB-CHU Saint Pierre, Sciensano)

PW10. Invasive Haemophilus Influenzae infections in the pediatric patient a case series.

D. Vermeulen, P. Schelstraete (UZ Gent)


Poster walk 3: Gastro-enterology


PW11. Bowel Function in Children With Low-Type Anorectal Malformation After Surgical Repair

F. De Baene, K. Van Renterghem, S.Van Biervliet, S. Vande Velde, M. Van Winckel,D. Van de Putte , L. Matthyssens  (UZ Gent)

PW12. The search for information in media (websites and apps) by children with coeliac disease and their parents. A pilot study.

E. I. Levy, T. Devreker, E. De Greef, Y. Vandenplas (UZ Brussel)

PW13. Is shit in real life the same as on photo?

B. Aman, Y. Vandenplas, K. Huysentruyt (UZ Brussels,The Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto)

PW14. The inter-rater reliability of the Cow’s Milk-related Symptom Score (CoMiSS) between parents and a trained healthcare professional

Y. Jaddioui, E. Carvajal, C. Ribes-Koninckx, Y. Vandenplas (UZ Brussels, KidZ health castle)

PW15. First successful use of ustekinumab in an infant with very early onset inflammatory bowel disease: outcomes at 18 months follow-up

B. Hauser, K. Huysentruyt, E. De Greef, G. Veereman, Y. Vandenplas (UZ Brussels, The Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto)


  Theme 1: From physiology to clinical care
Chairs: Nicolas Deconinck (ULB - HUDERF) and TBC

  T4. New understanding and new treatment in neuromuscular disease
Nathalie Goemans, KUL, UZ Leuven
T5. Cardiac MRI in the neonatal and preoperative assesement of congenital heart diseases
Stephane Moniotte, UCL, Cliniques Universitaires Saint Luc


  Paediatricians in training Discussion panel 1: (Im)migration and paediatrics
Chair: Alexandros Popotas Chiara Magni (ULB) & Milena Demey (ULB)

  Talk 1 Alexandros Popotas : Living in a refugee camp
Talk 2 Chiara Magni : Tip and Tricks - Q&A
Talk 3 Milena Demey: Access to health services in Brussels
Talk 4 Diane Stroobant: First Time at a Pediatric Infectious Disease 
Specialist's  (
MSV Belgium, UCL, GHDC)

Discussion around new pathologies associated with children migration, societal challenge, post-traumatic stress disorder.

  Oral Abstracts 1 (01-06) (6x 10min)
Chairs and program TBC after abstract submission


O1. Mid-trimester premature prelabor rupture of membranes : neonatal evolution and long-term outcome

C. Hocq, F. Piersigilli, O. Danhaive (UCL - Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc)

O2. Infliximab trough levels at the end of induction will predict endoscopic remission in paediatric patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

K. van Hoeve, E. Dreesen, I. Hoffman, M.Ferrante, S. Vermeire (KU Leuven)

O3. Poliomyelitis Surveillance in Belgium 2003 to 2018: Under reporting of Acute Flaccid Paralysis

C/ Wyndham-Thomas, N. Hammami, C. Schirvel, R. Mahieu, G. Top, M. Lesenfants, E. Wollants, S. Quoilin (Sciensano, Agentschap Zorg en Gezondheid, Agence pour une Vie de Qualité, Commission communautaire commune, Centre National de Référence des entérovirus, UZ Leuven)

O4. Beyond culture: the Molecular Assessment of Thoracic Empyema (MATE) study

L. Fabri, J. Jacobson, J. Osowicki, S. Shanthikumar, E.Dunne, A-M. Costa, A/ Daley, W. Teague, J. Buttery, A. Steer, S/ Ranganathan, C. Satzke (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, The University of Melbourne at the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, Monash Children's Hospital Victoria, Monash University, Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne, ULB)

O5. Interactions between Group A Streptococcus CRISPR-Cas systems and prophages in virulence

L. Schiavolin, P. Smeesters, A.Botteaux (ULB)

O6. Partial CRISPR/Cas9 IL1R1 & IFNGR1 Knock-Down Improves β-cell Survival And Function Under Cytokine-Induced Inflammation

C. Daems, J. Vanderroost, E.Soka, P. Lysyl (UCL)


Poster Presentation session 1: Cardiology, Neonatalogy, Intensive Care and Pediatric training (12x5min)
Chairs TBC


OP1: Stenting of aortic coarctation in VLBW neonates
J. Dauby, Vincent Rigo, C. Jacquemart, I. Broux, M-C Seghaye, M. Gewillig (U Liège, KUL)

OP2: Umbilical venous catheter-related complications

E. Exelmans, V. Cossey, S. Van Lierde (UZ Leuven, RZ Tienen)

OP3: Respiratory outcomes in very and extremely preterm infants: what is the impact of recommended neonatal care in real-life conditions?

A. Vuckovic, D. Mcheik, A-B Johansson (ULB - HUDERF)

OP4: Delayed cord clamping till 3 minutes in term caesarean sections: an audit of maternal safety

S. Celen, E.J.J. Horn-Oudshoorn, R. Knol , P. L.J. DeKoninck (UZ Gent, Erasmus Rotterdam)

OP5: A single dose of budesonide/surfactant prevents hyperoxia induced lung injury in preterm rabbits

A. Gie, Y. Regin, T. Salaets, J. Vanoirbeek, J. Deprest (KUL, UZ Leuven)

OP6: The long term fate of subaortic stenosis in childhood

R. De Wolf, K. François, T. Bové, I. Coomans, K. De Groote, H. De Wilde, J. Panzer, K. Vandekerckhove, D.De Wolf (VUB, UZ Gent)

OP7: Outcome of strategy in Pulmonary Atresia, ventricular Septal Defect and Major Aortopulmonary Collateral Arteries (PA, VSD, MAPCA’s)

B. Eyskens, B. Cools, R. Heying, , J. Hubrechts, D. Boshoff, F. Rega, B.Meyns, M.Gewillig (UZLeuven)

OP8: Endocarditis prophylaxis in the "real life" of the general pediatrician and/or dentist.

D. De Wolf, A.Genouw, C. Standaert, A. Victor, N. Vanoverbeke, K. De Groote, L. Martens (UZ Gent, UZ Brussel)

OP9: Direct paratracheal lymphosclerosis for plastic bronchitis after Fontan: percutaneous versus endoscopic transtracheal technique.

J. Hubrechts, B. Eyskens, C. Dooms, G. Maleux, B. Cools, R. Heying, D. Boshoff, M. Gewillig (UZ Leuven)

OP10: Oxygen uptake kinetics and local muscle oxygenation during submaximal exercise in children after the Fontan procedure compared to healthy peers

Y. Bagdasarian, I. Coomans, D. De Wolf, K. De Groote, J. Panzer, L. Muino, H. De Wilde, T. Bové, K. François, J. Boone, K. Vandekerckhove (Universiteit Gent, UZ Gent)

OP11: Recovery kinetics of gas exchange parameters and heart rate after maximal exercise in children with repaired Tetralogy of Fallot compared to controls

I. Coomans, S. De Kinder, H. Van Belleghem, D. De Wolf, K. De Groote, J. Panzer, L. Muino Mosquera, H. De Wilde, T. Bové, K. François, J. Boone, K. Vandekerckhove (Universiteit Gent, UZ Gent)

OP12: Some trainees are more equal than others - the pediatric residency pay gap

L. Hoste, S. Daelemans, A. De Guchtenaere, A. Bael (Jong VVK, UZ Gent, UZ Brussel, VVK,  Zeepreventorium, ZNA Koningin Paola Kinderziekenhuis)

15:00 - 15:15 Mini Break


  Theme 2: Multidisciplinary work in complex patient's management
Chairs: TBC

  T1. Multidisciplinary work in chronic diseases: ambition and pitfalls
Ann De Guchtenaere, Universiteit Gent, Zee preventorium
T2. Transition in irritable bowel syndrome
Elisabeth De Greef, VUB - UZ Brussel
T3. The Integrated care path for patients with diaphragmatic hernia
Aline Vuckovic, Nicolas Lefèvre & Martine Dassonville, ULB - HUDERF

  Paediatricians in training discussion panel 2: Ecology and Paediatrics
Chairs: Natacha Loumaye & Sarrah Faggeter (ULB)

  Talk 1. Clinical case: Vegan diet and potential complication
Natacha Loumaye
Talk 2. Literature review: Vegan diet and potential complication
Sarah Faggeter
Talk 3. Keynote speaker: Endocrine disrupters and possible contribution to pubertal changes
Anne-Simone Parent, CHU Liège
Discussion around the impact of ecological changes on paediatrics health.

  Poster Presentation Session 2: Internal medicine of the child (12 x 5min)
Chairs and program TBC after abstract submission


OP13: The effect of a multidisciplinary weight loss program on renal circadian rhythm in obese adolescents

S. Dejonckheere, K. Pauwaert , E. Bruneel , J. Van Der Jeugt , L. Keersmaekers , S. Roggeman, K. Everaert , J. Vande Walle, A. De Guchtenaere (UZ Gent,  Zeepreventorium)

OP14: Effects of fecal microbiota transplantation for recurrent clostridium difficile in children with renal replacement therapy

P. D’hondt ,  N. Knops, C. Caenepeel, J. Francisco Vázquez Castellanos (UZ Leuven)
OP15: The choice between deceased and living donor renal transplantation in children: a multicentric cross-sectional study
J. Vande Walle, A. Prytula, A. Raes, N. Knops, L. Willem, E. Levtchenko, K. Van Cauwenberghe (Universiteit Gent, Universiteit Antwerpen, KUL)

OP16: Belgian CAP48 cohort of juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA): What is the role of the emergency department in the early management of JIA?

F. Faron , P.-Q. Lê , L. Goffin , A. Ferster , V. De Maertelaer , T. Sokolova , V. Badot (Centre Hospitalier Epicura, ULB - HUDERF, Coordinatrice de recherche médicale de l'arthrite pour CAP 48, avec le soutient de la RTBF, CHU Brugmann)

OP17: Neonatal screening program for sickle cell disease : comparison of patients born 2000-2005 and 2010-2015, single center experience

C. Peresse, A. Ferster (Hôpital Civil Marie Curie, ULB-HUDERF)

OP18: Recurrent cholesteatoma in a child with Fanconi anemia

M. Mathieu, S. Gobert, T. Robillard, M. Melchior, S. Schifflers, P. Philippet, C.F. Chantrain  (CHC Liège, ULiège, CHU - UCL Namur)

OP19: Interest of Positron Emission Tomography in small vessel primary angiitis of the central nervous system.

M. Belcour, P. Dontaine, A. Monier, L. Lebrun, I. Salmon, A. Van Hecke, C. Fricx, O. De Witte, G. Boitsios, S. Goldman, X. De Tiège, A. Aeby (ULB-HUDERF, ULB-Erasme)

OP20: Algorithmic adaptation of insulin therapy and carbohydrate consumption during exercise in children with type 1 diabetes: results of the CAR2DIAB study

E. Gasser, H. Boughaleb, T. Barrea, G. de Valensart, A. Robert, P.Lysy (Cliniques universitaires Saint Luc, PEDI-IREC, UCLouvain)

OP21: Eating habits of children born after maternal bariatric surgery

K. Van De Maele, C. De Geyter, Y. Vandenplas, R. Devlieger, I. Gies (UZ Brussel, Vrije universiteit Brussel, UZ Leuven, KUL)

OP22: Nasobiliary drainage prior to surgical biliary diversion in patients with progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis type II.

G. Jannone, X. Stephenne, I. Scheers, F. Smets, E. M Sokal( UCL - Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc)

OP23: Impact of Nutrition Support Team (NST) funding on the quality of care of Home Parenteral Nutrition (HPN) in children with benign diseases.

N. Umbrain, D. Hermans, P. Schlesser, M. Hiele, M. Van Winckel, D. Ysebaert, A. Van Gossum (ULB, ERASME, UCL - Cliniques Universitaires Saint Luc, CHC Chrétien, KUL, UZ Leuven, UZ Gent, UZ Antwerpen) 

OP24: A systematic review on health care implications of a vegetarian diet in children

L. Lecleir (KU Leuven)


My PHD in 180 seconds
For more information, click here.


Session organized in collaboration with GBPF and VVK

Chairs: F. Mascart (GBPF) & Ann De Guchtenaere (VVK)


Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

Tessa Goetghebuer, Office de la Naissance et de l'Enfance

German speaking Community

Murielle Mendez, Gesunde Entwicklung der Kinder und Jugendlichen

Vlaamse Gemeenschap
Bart Van Overmeire, Kind &Gezin


18:30 - 20:00 BVK/SBP Celebration


Friday 20 March 2020

Chairs: Francoise Vermeulen ULB-Erasme and TBD

  P7. Paediatric research in the 21st century
Speaker TBC
P8. How to control measles outbreak in Canada?
Caroline Quach, CHU Sainte Justine, Montreal, Canada
P9. Building robust immunisation programmes - experiences across the WHO Euro region
Adam Finn, Bristol University, UK




  E. What's new in Gastro-enterology, Nutrition, Metabolics and Surgery
Chairs and program TBC in collaboration with the subspecialties
F. What's new in Dermatology and Genetics

Chairs: Dirk Van Gysel (OLV-Aalst) & TBC

Genetics of pigmented mosaic anomalies
Pierre Vabres, CHU de Dijon
NGS in the clinical assessment of genodermatoses
Déborah Salik, ULB


Test yourself in Pediatric Dermatology
Cases from the North

Hannelore De Maeseneer, OLV-Aalst
Cases from the South
Justine Pêtre, CHC-Liège
<<Expanscience prize announcement>>
  G. What's new in Hematology, Oncology and Neprology
Chairs Prof Elena Ievchenko KUL


Hemoglobinopaty :
Gene therapy in hemoglobinopathies

A. Ferster, ULB
Renal involvement in sickle cell disease
Jacques Lombet, CHU Liège

Complement anomalies :
When to suspect a complement disorder as a cause of Primary Immunodeficiency?  

Jutte van der Werff ten Bosch, VUB
When aternate pathways are out of control 

Johan Van de walle, UZ Ghent


Genetic innovation in diagnostic and care :
INFORM registry

Bram de Wilde, UZ Gent
Genes, what’s the innovation in nephrology ?

Karin Dahan, ULB - UCL, IPG

  H. What's new in Emergency and Intensive Care
Chairs: Said Hachimi-Idrissi-D (UZ Ghent) & Dominique Biarent (ULB - HUDERF)


Ultrasound in PEM and PICU, what’s new?

Cathelijne Lyphout, UZ Gent

ECMO in small infants, what’s new?

Alfredo Vicinanza, ULB - HUDERF
Lactate level in sepsis, what’s new?

Said Hachimi-Idrissi, UZ-Gent

Q&A, Panel Discussion (all speakers)


13:30 - 14:00 POSTER WALK

  Poster walk 4: General Pediatrics

  PW16. Vitamin D: Extremes are dangerous.
S.Del Re, O. Gilliaux, K. Ismaïli, N. Tram  (ULB-Huderf, Hôpital Civil Marie Curie)

PW17. Urinary Incontinence in The Obese Population: Characteristics and Therapy-Outcome

L. Dierickx, A. De Guchtenaere, A. Raes, M. Smedts (Universiteit Gent, Zeepreventorium)

PW18. Migrant pain, weight loss and inflammatory syndrome: did we worry too much?

L. Goffin, F. Vermeulen (ULB-Huderf, ULB-Erasme)

PW19. Survey about the alcohol consumption by minor in Flemish youth movements.

M. Papy (KUL, UZ Leuven)

PW20. Development of a rapid molecular diagnosis test for acute otitis media.

D. Laho, D. Lakhloufi, A. Botteaux, PR. Smeesters (ULB-Huderf)

  Poster walk 5: Endocrinology


PW21. Long-term adiposity outcomes of children born after maternal bariatric surgery.

K. Van De Maele, A. Bogaerts, J. De Schepper, S. Provyn, D. Ceulemans, I. Guelinckx, I. Gies, R. Devlieger (UZ Brussel - VUB, UZ Leuven, Universiteit Antwerpen, Danone Research)

PW22. Are low-grade inflammation or testosterone aromatization in adolescent males with overweight or obesity associated with pubertal timing?

E. Berlanger, I. Gies, M. Van Helvoirt, A. De Guchtenaere, E. Anckaert, E. Bassle, J. De Schepper (VUB, UZ Brussel, Zeepreventorium)

PW23. Renal Pseudohypoaldosteronism type I in a 6-day-old neonate.

F. Chalon, S. Balbeur , B. Brasseur (Clinique Saint-Pierre Ottignies)

PW24. Mediastinal immature teratoma leading to a supraphysiological serum testosterone concentration in an adolescent with Klinefelter syndrome.

A. Boret, V. Bordon, E. Vandecruys, J.  De Schepper (Universiteit Gent, UZ Gent)

  Poster walk 6: Paediatric Internal Medicine


PW25. Severe phototoxicity associated with concomitant use of methotrexate and voriconazole, an overlooked drug-drug interaction

D. J. Bogaert, L. Verlinden, E. Vandecruys, G. Laureys, E. Verhaeghe, T. Bauters (UZ Gent)

PW26. Melody valve in mitral position in very young children with atrio-ventricular septum defect and severe mitral valve dysfunction.

J. Hubrechts, B. Cools, R. Heying, B. Eyskens, F. Rega, B. Meyns, M. Gewillig (UZ Leuven)

PW27. Eczema herpeticum, a dermatological emergency

J-C Beghin, S. Pohlen (ULB-Huderf)

PW28. Gut and liver dysfunction: a surprising diagnostic clue for metabolic disease

S. Dejonckheere, P. Verloo, R. De Bruyne (UZ Gent)


Chairs: Emmanuel Lacombe & Benjamin Sohier (ULB)

  Talk 1. Machine learning in paediatric diagnostic.
Emmanuel Lacombe, ULB

Talk 2.  Artificial intelligence in paediatrics: a medical perspective
Benjamin Sohier, ULB

Talk 3. Keynote speaker: Artificial intelligence in paediatrics: an engineer perspective
Hugues Bersini, Co-director Iridia, ULB)


Followed by a discussion around the impact of artificial intelligence on paediatrics health and health care worker

Chair: Céline Dufour, Laure Kornreich & Justine Lombart (ULB)


Talk 1. Titel?
Céline Dufour, affiliatie?

Talk 2. Titel?
Justine Lombart, affiliatie?

Talk 3. Keynote speaker: titel?
Filip Cools, affiliatie?

Panel discussion with questions sent in advance of the meeting + oral questions at the meeting and voting system

  Oral Abstracts 2 (07-12) (6x 10min)
Chairs TBC


O7. Interdisciplinary rehabilitation after cancer in children and adolescents

R. Van Der Looven, L. Hermans, K. Meylemans, H. Capiau, K. Vandekerckhove, I. Coomans, S. Meerhaeghe, H. Morren, C. Dhooge, G. Laureys (Universiteit Gent)

O8. Genotype – phenotype correlation in a pediatric autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) cohort

D. Van Giel, S. De Rechter, L. Breysem, A. Hindryckx, P. Janssens, J.-P. Decuypere, B. Bammens, A. Corveleyn, C. Férec, R. Vennekens, M. P. Audrezet, P. Harris, D. Mekahli (KUL, University Hospital of Brest, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine)

O9. Dietary fiber intake and gut-derived uraemic toxins in a Belgian paediatric CKD cohort

A. El Amouri, E. nauwaert, A. Desloovere, A. Foulon, C. Vande Moortel, G. Glorieux, W. Van Biesen, J. Vande Walle, S. Eloot, A. Raes (UZ GENT)

O10. First epileptic EEG activity in infants with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex is associated with neurodevelopmental outcome at the age of 2 years

J. De Ridder, B. Verhelle, J. Vervisch, K. Lemmens, K. Kotulska, R. Moavero, P. Curatolo, B. Weschke, K. Riney, M. Feucht, P. Krsek, R. Nabbout, A. C. Jansen, D. Domanska, M. Kaczorowska-Frontczak, C. Hertzberg, C. Hertzberg, H. M. Hulshof, S. Samueli, B. Benova, E. Aronica, D. J. Kwiatkowski, F. E. Jansen, S. Jozwiak, L. Lagae (KUL, The Children's Memorial Health Institute,Tor Vergata University,  Bambino Gesus Children’s Hospital,  Charité University Medicine Berlin,  Queensland Children’s Hospital,  Medical University Vienna,  Motol University Hospital,  Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital,  UZ Brussel, Vivantes Klinikum Neuköln,  University Medical Centre Utrecht,  University of Amsterdam,Stichting Epilepsie Instellingen Nederland, Harvard Medical School, Warsaw Medical University)

O11. New FDG-PET analysis confirm previous evidence for the epileptic network of Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

T. Balfroid, A. Warren, L. Dalic, C. Rowe, J. Archer (University of Melbourne, ULB)

O12. Clinical and biochemical phenotype of 11 patients with bi-allelic mutations in TANGO2

P. Verloo, E. Jennions, A. Vanlander, L. De Meirleir, S. Seneca, N. Darin (UZ Gent, Queen SIlias Child Hospital Sweden, UZ Brussel)

  Poster presentation Session III: Infectiology-Pneumology and Immunology (12 x 5min)
Chairs TBC after abstract submission


OP25: Halting the measles epidemic in Belgium: child’s play?

L. Cornelissen, V. Hutse, S. Leenen, R. Mahieu, G. Top, P. Carrillo, S. Quoilin (Sciensano)

OP26: A first case of acute flaccid myelitis associated with enterovirus D68 in Belgium

I. Delpire, M. Rodesch , F. Vermeulen , F. Christiaens (ULB-Erasme)

OP27: Phage therapy to allow liver transplantation in a toddler infected by an extensively-drug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa

D. Van der Linden, O. Chatzis, R. Reding, S. Djebara, B. Van Nieuwenhuyse, E. Sokal, M. Merabishvili, J-P Pirnay, P. Soentjens (UCL, Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc, Queen Astrid Military Hospital)

OP28: Paediatric Enteric Fever in Brussels: a case series over 14 years

P. Lepage, Y. Miendje Deyi, W. Mattheus, M. Hainaut (Clinique Saint Jean, ULB-Huderf, UZ Brussel, CHU Saint Pierre)

OP29: Multiple breath washout measurement in patients with CDH at school age compared to Chest CT score and spirometry

M. Dirickx, F. Vermeulen, M. Boon, A. Debeer, M.Proesmans (University Hospitals Leuven)

OP30: Para-pneumonic effusions in children: comparison between surgical drainage by video-assisted thoracoscopy and percutaneous drainage with urokinase

V. Weber, H. Steyaert, D. Biarent, N. Lefèvre (ULB-Huderf)

OP31: Streptococcus pyogenes related hospitalisations in a single tertiary pediatric center in belgium: overview over 14 year.

J. Van Vlaenderen, P.Schelstraete, J.Willems (UZ Gent)
OP32: Tonsillar obstructive hypertrophy and recurrent tonsillitis in children: what is the role played by the tonsillar carriage of Streptococcus pyogenes)
A.Vandevoorde, D. Lakhloufi, G.Botquin, V. Delforge, A-L Mansbach, A. Botteaux, P. Smeesters (ULB-Huderf)

OP33: Clinical description and outcomes of children with invasive group A Streptococcal disease

E.Thielemans, J.Oliver, A. McMinn, C. Baker, P. N. Britton, J.Clark, H. Marshall, C. C. Blyth, J. Francis, J.Buttery, P. R. Smeesters, N. Crawford, A. C. Steer (ULB-Huderf, Royal Children's Hospital, Victoria)

OP34: Immunoglobulin g subclass and specific polysaccharide antibody deficiency: a clinical and immunological profile in a tertiary cohort

L. Hoste, J.Claus, S. Schelfout, J. De Craemer, L. De Ketelaere, D. Bogaert, C. Bonroy, J. Philippé, J.Willekens, T.Kerre, Fi.Haerynck (UZ Gent)

OP35: Analysis of the consumption of drugs prescribed for the treatment of asthma in Belgian children

W. Kestens, N. Biset, D. Detemmerman, M. Lona, G. Karakaya, C. De Vriese, S. Pochet, A. Ceuppens  (Mutualités Libres - Onafhankelijke Ziekenfondsen, ULB)

OP36: Epidemiological and clinical features of malarias imported to CHU Saint-Pierre between 1998 and 2017

M. Leys, C. Martin, S. De Wit (ULB-CHU Ambroise Pare, ULB-CHU Saint-Pierre)

15H - 15:45

 15H45 - 16H45 PLENARY 4:
CME ethics & economy
Chairs: TBC
P10. Is the patient partnership the future of paediatrics?
Laure Istas, Plateforme pour l'Amélioration de la Qualité des soins et de la Sécurité des patients, (PAQS)
P11. Reinventing organisation: New ways of creating values in hospital management
Frederic Laloux, USA

Marc Raes (President BVK/SBP)
Pierre Smeesters (2020 Congress President)