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PLENARY 2: Joining forces: multi- and interdisciplinary care targeting prevention of chronic diseases
Chairs: P. Smeesters / K. Van Hoorenbeeck

  • Early origins and prevention of obesity
(Anne-Simone Parent, UL)
  • Alcohol and youth
(Nico van der Lely, Delft en UAntwerpen)
  • Green spaces: how urbanisation can affect children’s health?
(Tim Nawroth, UHasselt)
  • Antimicrobial stewarship programs in pediatrics: from South to North
(Dimitri Van der Linden, UCL)


10:30 - 11:00 | Poster walk
10:30 - 11:15 | General Assembly BVK/SBP

  Poster walk (PW 13 - PW 23)
  • PW 13. Case-report : Acute Parvovirus-B19 infection reveals hereditary spherocytosis within a pair of siblings
(M-S. Bocquet, UCL)
  • PW 14. Chronic benign neutropenia in children: when, what and how ?
(C. Hubert, CHC Liège)
  • PW 15. Congenital deficiency of pyruvate kinase
(C. Materne, Hopital de la Citadelle)
  • PW 16. Posttransplant complications in a case of late-onset familial hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis type 2
(D. Bogaert, UZ Gent)
  • PW 17. Acquired torticollis as a presentation of Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis: Two contrasting  cases
(A. Beerten, UZA)
  • PW 18. Respiratory distress in a young child, not always infectious
(E. Rijckmans, VUB)
  • PW 19. Management of a post traumatic pneumomediastinum: case of an 18-months-old child with a toothbrush perforating pharyngeal wound.
(L. Belotti, CHC Liège )
  • PW 20. Severe pulmonary interstitial emphysema in preterm infant born at 27 weeks: case report about the prominent role of systemic corticoid treatment
(I. Johri, VUB)
  • PW 21. A rare cause of acute abdomen in a 3-year-old child : a case report
(C. Ravez, ULiège)
  • PW 22. Severe dilated cardiomyopathy in a child with Pitt-Hopkins syndrome
(J. Hubrechts, University Hospital Saint-Luc)
  • PW 23. May-Thurner Syndrome in an adolescent : a case report.
(H. Tiv, CHR Citadelle)
  1. Pro/con debates in general and subspecialty pediatrics
  • Pro/Con: HFNC on the pediatric ward versus PICU - Hospitalisation for seizure?
(L. Desmet / S. Verhulst)
  • Pro/Con: Hospitalisation for seizure?
(L. Verstraete / M. De Wachter)
  2. Meet the expert in subspecialty pediatrics
  • PID: warning signs and beyond
(J. Van Der Werff Ten Bosch)
  • Pulmonology: Long-term respiratory outcomes in BPD
(K. Vanhaverbeke, UZA)
  • General pediatrics: Bed sharing and SIDS
(G. Naulaers)
3. BPCRN session
  • Long live the BPCRN: 2024 update on the (revived) BPCRN
(L. Hoste, UZ Gent)
  • KCE trials: Challenges and Opportunities in Belgium
(F. Hulstaert, KCE)
  • Learnings from Pedstart, the French National Pediatric Clinical Research Network
(R. Hankard, Université de Tours, FR)
  • Crossmatching Clinical Trial and Rare Disease Networks
(E. Degraeuwe, UGent)
4. Short oral presentations (SO 12 - SO 22)
  • SO 12. Diagnosis in children with Marfan syndrome: Red flags for early identification
(L. Tyvaert, UZ Gent)
  • SO 13. A single center 10 years’ Review of Maximal Exercise Capacity in Children with different types of Congenital Heart Disease.
(I. Coomans, UZ Gent)
  • SO 14. Elevated high sensitivity C-reactive Protein in Belgian children and adolescents living with overweight or obesity
(K. Donckerwolcke, UZ Brussel)
  • SO 15. The Cow’s Milk-Related Symptom Score (CoMiSS) in healthy Egyptian, Indonesian and Brazilian infants.
(N. Knockaert, UZ Brussel)
  • SO 16. Reliability of updated KidZ Health Castle formula (KHC-F v2) used for proper probe positioning of a multichannel intraluminal impedance pH monitoring
(H. Delcourt, VUB)
  • SO 20. Longitudinal Follow-up Study of a Cohort of Adolescent Anorexic Females of the Restrictive Type: Study Results and Conclusions.
(M. K.F. Docx, UZA)
  • SO 22. A consensus recommendation for pediatric intravenous maintenance fluid in Belgium: on behalf of the Be-PIV group.
(A. Boret, UZ Gent)
13:30 - 14:00 | Poster Walk (PW 24 - PW 34)
  • PW 24. Hypernatremia in a child with episodes of vomiting: there may be more than meets the eye
(Olivier Pollé, CHC Montlégia) 
  • PW 25. Parsing Genetic and Autoimmune Etiology in Premature Ovarian Insufficiency
(Elise Nauwynck, UZ Brussel)
  • PW 26. Acute liver injury in a 14- year old girl
(L. Verbrugghe, UZ Brussel)
  • PW 27. Symptoms and management of cow's milk allergy: perception and evidence
(Hendricx Fabian, UZ Brussel)
  • PW 28. Progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis type 4 (PFIC4): contribution of genetics to the rapid diagnosis of a rare cause of neonatal jaundice.
(Charlotte Masson, ULiège)
  • PW 29. From purpura to idiopathic purpura fulminans: a guidance in diagnosis and therapy
(Liselot De Cloedt, AZ Monica)
  • PW 30. Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) in a 4-year old boy
(Lize De Belder, UZ Brussel)
  • PW 31. Learning points from a cross-sectional cohort study in individuals with pathogenic variants in FLNA
(Ellen Rijckmans, VUB)
  • PW 32. Incontinentia Pigmenti and neonatal brain damage: a case report.
(Manon Gillet, CHC Liège)
  • PW 33. HHV-6 encephalitis or alternative diagnosis? 3 case reports
(Astrid De Wolf, VUB)
  • PW 34. How an insignificant behavioural issue was actually a life threatening disease: A case report about a young boy with PACNS
(Sara Verhaege, Jessa Ziekenhuis Hasselt)




1. Long oral presentations (LO 7 - LO 11)
  • LO 7. Ultra-processed food intake does not correlate with pediatric MASLD in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
(M. Buytaert, UZ Gent)
  • LO 9. Burden of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) associated disease in general practice in Belgium
(M. Raes, Jessa Ziekenhuis Hasselt)
  • LO 10. Use of a mobile phone application in adolescents with asthma: a prospective observational study.
(R. Van De Wielle, UZ Gent)
  • LO 11. Neonatal course and long-term outcome in children with congenital chylothorax
(N. Beullens, UZ Gent)
  • LO 8. Regional Inequity in 4CMenB Vaccination Coverage in Belgium: A Retrospective Ecological Study
(M. Raes, Jessa Ziekenhuis Hasselt)
2. Short oral presentation (SO 23 - SO 33)
  • SO 24. N-of-1 trial to validate the efficacy of highly effective protein therapy in cystic fibrosis patients with rare mutations.
(M. Thimmesch, CHC MontLégia)
  • SO 25. Increased Cases of Neonatal Echovirus-11 in Belgium, 2022
(K. Hansford, Sciensano)
  • SO 26. Unraveling patterns of inflammation in two SAVI patients by combining cytokines and ISG scores: from bench to bedside.
(B. Meertens, UZ Gent)
  • SO 28. Advanced lung disease in cystic fibrosis and modulator treatment of the “cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator” (CFTR) protein: a 3-year follow-up
(I.Rebia, CHC Mont-Legia)
  • SO 29. Exhaled Breath Volatile Organic Compounds: Window Into Preterm Lung Disease? Proof-of-concept Studies In Preterm Infants And Preterm Lambs
(K. Vanhaverbeke, UZA)
  • SO 30. Volatile Organic Compounds and the Relevance of Background Correction in the Early Prediction of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia in Preterm Infants
(I. Ghys, UZA)
  • SO 32. Evaluating Erythrocytapheresis For Iron Overload In Patients With Beta Thalassemia Major And Sickle Cell Disease In Need Of Iron Chelation Therapy
(J. Van Hattem, UZA)
  • SO 33. A qualitative research into personal experience and relational meaning in sibling HSCT donors
(V. Bordon, UZ Gent)
  • SO 23. Age-dependent signature of serum inflammatory cytokines IL-1Ra, IL-1β, IL-6, IL-18, TNF-α, CXCL9 and CXCL10 in healthy children 
(M. Buytaert & R. El Kaddouri, UZ Gent)
  •  SO 18. The European Pediatric Clinical Trials Network conect4children (c4c): 6-year progress report of pediatric trial facilitation within Belgium 
(L. Hoste, UZ Gent)
  • SO 19. Nurturing upcoming investigators within Pediatric Pharmacology: European Mentorship Program Development and Launch within conect4children (c4c) 
(E. Degraeuwe, UZ Gent)
  • SO 21. Preliminary results of the establishment of a Youth Advisory Council Focused on Drug Development within Pediatric Nephrology 
(A. De Vlaeminck, UZ Gent)
3. GSK Satellite Symposium
  • The evolution of vaccination calendars in Europe and the progressive induction of MenB
(J.T. Ramos Amador, Hospital 12de Octobre Madrid, Spain)
4. Meet the expert in subspecialty pediatrics
  • When and how to screen for hypercholesterolemia?

(M. Becker, Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg)

  • Comprehensive care management of congenital vascular anomalies

(A. Van Damme / L. Boon)

  • Work-up of behavioral problems

(S. Bonduelle, UZ Brussel)







PLENARY 3: Joining forces: how do we need to change our education to prepare for future challenges?



  • Advanced practice nurses in Belgian pediatrics: where are they?
(Eva Goossens, UAntwerpen/UZA)


  • Integration of subspecialties into the Belgan Academy of Pediatrics : a pilot project
(Stephane Moniotte, UCL)
  •  Working with children = building on common ground
(Jeroen Verlinden)
  • Do we need a shift towards more preventive care in pediatrics?
(Ann De Guchtenaere, president of BAoP)
My PhD in 300 seconds
  • Novel insights in bronchopulmonary dysplasia: an innovative, translational approach to diagnosis, follow-up and treatment.
(Kristien Vanhaverbeke, UAntwerpen)
  • Paediatric residents in the picture: Stimulating and optimising workplace learning
(Marieke Robbrecht, UGent)
  •  Health outcome after preterm birth: a microbiota perspective
(Nancy Deianova, UGent)
  • Exploring the Immune Horizon - Systemic Inflammatory Diseases in the Era of SARS-CoV-2 and Beyond 
(Levi Hoste, UGent)
  •  From diagnosis to treatment in genetic epilepsies: implementation of precision medicine in real-world clinical practice
(Matthias De Wachter, UAntwerpen)
   Awards and closing ceremony