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13:15 - 13:45 | Poster walk

  • PW 1. Mapping and « allergic » profile of a pediatric pneumo-allergology consultation (C. Stavart, UCL)
  • PW 2. About a pediatric case of persimmon allergy (C. Stavart, UCL)
  • PW 3. About a case of drug-induced acute eosinophilic pneumonia in a 15 years-old-girl (L. Brichard, CHU UCL Namur)
  • PW 4. First false negatives in the newborn screening for cystic fibrosis in Belgium : report of two cases followed at the Liege CF center (H.Boboli, University Hospital Liège)
  • PW 5. Mucocutaneous manifestations of M. Pneumoniae infection (M. De Moor, UZ Gent)
  • PW 6. Newborn screening for Cystic Fibrosis (CF-NBS) in the cystic fibrosis center of Liège: preliminary assessment after 3.5 years (M. Thimmesch, CHC MontLégia)
  • PW 7. Lymphocytic Meningitis Associated with Cerebellar Dermoid Cyst in a Twenty-Months-Old boy (V. Selimaj Kontoni, Clinique Saint Jean Brussels)
  • PW 8. NTM otomastoiditis (J. Rouquart, UZ Brussel)
  • PW 9. Chemoprophylaxis of close contacts of invasive cases of haemophilus influenzae: a review (S. Jacquinet, Sciensano)
  • PW 10. A case of auto-immune encephalitis in an 11-year-old patient with Mycoplasma pneumonaie (T. Antychin, ZNA)
  • PW 11. Brain tumor in pediatrics, a diagnosis challenge (V. Rentmeister, CHC Mont légia)
  • PW 12. Bringing the hospital at home: how to evaluate pilot projects for transmural care for children living with a chronic illness (S. Dequeker, UZ Gent)


PLENARY SESSION 1: Joining Forces: New technologies in pediatrics


Chairs: S. Verhulst, M. Raes

  • INNOCENS: Artificial Intelligence in the NICU
(David van Laere, CEO INNOCENS)
  • The hospital of the future: the influence of process organization on the quality of care
(Frederic De Meulder, ZAS)
  • Machine learning in pediatric rheumatology
(B. Ogunjimi, U Antwerpen)
  • Shaping pediatric futures: is VR training the next leap for excellence?
(F. Haegdorens, UAntwerpen / K. Peeters, UZ Antwerpen)
15:00-15:45 COFFEE BREAK
  1. Pro/con debates in general and subspecialty pediatrics:
  • Pro/Con: Urinary prophylaxis in Infants with Grade III, IV, or V Vesicoureteral Reflux
(Stephanie Derechter/ Caroline Jamaer)
  • Pro/Con: Azithromycine for chronic respiratory symptoms in pediatrics
(J. Van Der Werff Ten Bosch, ZNA  / S. Verhulst, UZA)
  2. Meet the expert in subspecialty pediatrics
  • Rheumatology: The limping child
(J. Dehoorne)
  • Nephrology: What is new in idiopathic nephrotic syndrome?
(Bertrand Quentin)
  3. Meet the expert in subspecialty pediatrics
  • General pediatrics: How to act in a case with possible sexual abuse? (Dr. W. Karst / Dr. M. Mattheij)
  • Neonatology: Maternal drug abuse
(A. Marguglio / K. Smets)
  • Hematology: Cytopenia
(V. Labarque / B. De Moerloose)
  4. RSV symposium: RSV infections in infants: what about prevention
15:45 - 15:50 Introduction
(Marc Raes, Jessa hospital, Hasselt)
15:50 - 16:00
Preventive strategies against RSV disease in children: SHC, December 2023 N° 9760
(Sophie Blumental, Delta hospital (Chirec Group), ULBrussels)
16:00 - 16:15
Pro/Con: “Choose your battles”

(Daan Van Brusselen, ZAS hospitals, Antwerp & UAntwerpen)

  • RSVPreF vaccin
  • Monoclonal antibodies 
  • Acceptability of new upcoming RSV preventive tools: parents and healthcare workers
16:15 - 16:40 The Luxembourg experience
(Isabel De La Fuente, Clinique pédiatrique, CHL, Luxembourg & Silvana Masi, Gouvernement du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg
Ministère de la Santé et de la Sécurité Sociale)
16:40 - 16:50 Future genomic surveillance of RSV in the context of the new preventive tools
(Kim Stobbelaar, Revirant, UAntwerpen)
16:50 - 17:00
Q & A
  1. Pro/con debates in general and subspecialty pediatrics
  • Infectiology: NTM – to treat or not to treat?
(I. Decuyper / D. Van Brusselen / N. Alders / K. Vanden Driessche)
  • Pulmonology: Diagnosis of asthma in children under 6: clinical, vs a tests based diagnosis
(L. De Keyzer, AZ St-Jan Brugge / L. Depoorter, UZ Brussel)
2. Meet the expert in subspecialty pediatrics
  • General pediatrics: Child abuse or accidental trauma: tips and tricks? (Dr. W. Karst / Dr. M. Mattheij)
  • Gastroenterology: Faecal calprotectin: when is it useful?
(E. Van de Vijver)
3. Long oral presentations (LO 1 - LO 6)
  • LO 3. The role of timely systemic corticosteroid administration in pediatric asthma exacerbations in Emergency Care settings - A multicentric retrospective 
(L. Antonino, UZA)
  • LO 1. Blood pressure and aortic dilation in girls with Turner Syndrome
(C. Van der Elst, UZ Gent)
  • LO 2. Echocardiographic assessment of myocardial perfusion in obese adolescents
(L. Staquet, UZA)
  • LO 4. Follow-up of SMA children identified by newborn screening in southern Belgium
(C. Tychon, University Hospital Liège)
  • LO 5. Watch and Wait as alternative treatment strategy in NRAS-Mutated Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia: results from an EWOG-MDS retrospective cohort study
(J. H. De Waele, UZ Gent)
  • LO 6. Patient avatars for patient-specific selection of tyrosine kinase inhibitors as entry point for combination treatments in pediatric rhabdomyosarcoma
(D. Keppens, UZ Gent)
4. Short oral presentations (SO 1 - SO 10)
  • SO 1. Clinical characteristics and outcome of patients with atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome: Belgian cohort of the global aHUS registry.
(J. Vande Walle, UZ Gent)
  • SO 3. Real World Data on the use of Lisinopril over 10 years within Pediatric Nephrology
(E. Degraeuwe, UZ Gent)
  • SO 4. Data Standardization within Pediatrics: BPCRN’s analysis of trials identifying cross-cutting data points
(E. Degraeuwe, UZ Gent)
  • SO 5. Improvements in Pruritus With Maralixibat Are Associated With Improved Quality of Life for Patients With PFIC: Data From the MARCH Trial
(E. M. Sokal, Cliniques Universitaires St Luc)
  • SO 7. Calming an anxious child: towards more explicit linguistic guidelines
(I. Depraetere, Université de Lille)
  • SO 8. The impact of obstructive sleep apnea on endothelial function in a pediatric outpatient weight loss setting
(J. Degraeve, UZA)
  • SO 9. Peer support in paediatrics: a literature review
(T. Janssen, UZA)
  • SO 10. When simultaneous detection becomes possible: A new screening method for lysosomal storage diseases.
(A. Van Baelen, UZA)
  • SO 6. Managing asthma transitions: Investigating challenges and elements of transitional care in young people: a systematic review 
(L. Antonino, UZA)
18:00 - 19:00 | Networking reception